Review process

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     The journal Musique en acte is a peer reviewed scholarly research journal. All submitted contributions are therefore subject to review according to the processes outlined below.

Review of articles

     Each article submitted to the journal Musique en acte undergoes a minimum of two reviews following a double-blind process. The reviews are conducted on the basis of anonymised texts and cover a number of criteria summarised in a review form. The results of the reviews, which are also anonymised and accompanied by the editorial team's general opinion on the suitability of the submission, are sent back to the authors of the articles. Authors may be asked to modify their submission in the light of the reviews.

     The reviewers, chosen by the editorial team, are members of the journal's Advisory panel or external specialists whose research interests are closely related to the article to be reviewed. The membership of the review team is updated and published annually.

     When an article is submitted by a member of the editorial team, that person does not take part in the discussion of its own article.


Review of book reviews

     Proposals for book reviews are reviewed by members of the editorial team.

Review of thematic dossiers

     Proposals for thematic dossiers – in the form of a presentation submitted by the dossier coordinator - are reviewed by members of the editorial team.

     Articles submitted as part of a thematic dossier proposal are reviewed according to the same process as individual, “stand-alone” articles.

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