Submission of thematic dossiers

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     In addition to individual articles and book reviews, Musique en acte also welcomes the submission of thematic dossiers that contain several articles closely linked by a common theme. Each thematic dossier will comprise a minimum of three articles up to approximately five or six articles. It may be preceded by an introductory text.

     Each article in a thematic dossier will be submitted separately by its author according to the article submission procedure and will be subject to an individual review. When sending the article to the e-mail address, the author of the article will indicate that the article is part of a thematic dossier and specify the title of the dossier.

     Additionally, each thematic dossier will be submitted, edited and published under the responsibility of a coordinator. The coordinator will submit their proposal for a thematic dossier to the editorial team in advance by email to the e-mail address, indicating "Proposal for a thematic dossier" in the subject line.

     The proposal will be submitted in a Word file (DOC or DOCX format) and include the following information:

  • the title of the thematic dossier;
  • the last name and first name of the dossier coordinator;
  • its institutional affiliation;
  • its email address, telephone numbers and postal address;
  • a coordinator’s short biographical profile of no more than 1000 characters in length including spaces, written in French and English;
  • a presentation of the thematic dossier of no more than 1,500 characters in length including spaces, in French and in English, and a list of 5 key words, in French and in English;
  • a detailed list of the articles planned for the thematic dossier, specifying the full names of their respective authors.

     The coordinator of the thematic dossier will also assist in the editorial work of dossier articles that are accepted after review.

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