Thème 2: ‘Music analysis and music in act’

     As an organising partner of EuroMAC 9, the University of Strasbourg’s GREAM Research Centre (Experimental Research Group on Music in Act) promotes analytical research based on the concept of the musical act which underpins the cornerstone of its thinking: ‘The research aim of the GREAM ... rests on the consideration of music as a performative act that is realised in a public, intersubjective and social context whose properties are recognised in light of its technical and symbolic attributes relative to specific cultural environments’ (Please visit the GREAM website for more details).

     This second theme therefore invites presentations to address the following three main areas of interest:

  • The relation of analysis with the diverse forms of musical praxis as appertaining to composition, interpretation, improvisation or listening approaches;
  • The respective roles of ‘object’ and ‘subject’ in music analysis;
  • Music analysis as an instantiation of music in act.
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