EuroMAC 2017 Conference (EuroMAC 9) from 28 June au 1 July 2017

9th European Music Analysis Conference

     The 9th European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC 9 - IX CEAM) held in Strasbourg from 28 June to 1 July 2017. It was organised by the University of Strasbourg’s GRÉAM Research Centre (Experimental Research Group on Music in Act), the SFAM (French Society for Music Analysis) and IReMus (UMR 8223 - Institute for Musicological Research, Paris), with the support of all the European societies for music analysis.

     This international conference was a key event in the field of music analysis and associated fields and brought together researchers and other eminent academics from around the world. The plenary keynote lectures were given by such prestigious personalities as Robert Cogan (New England Conservatory of Music, Boston), Jean-Pierre Bartoli (Sorbonne, Paris) et Marie-Noëlle Masson (SFAM).

      For the call for papers we were particularly keen to receive proposals in keeping with the themes of the conference. However we also welcomed free proposals that concern the field of music analysis or link it to a wider range of perspectives in other associated fields. In this way, we intended to promote original and innovative contributions that are likely to broaden our discipline. We especially wished to encourage the participation of young researchers and ensure that the conference reflects the diversity of languages and approaches on the European continent in a context of openness and dialogue.

     As the first European Music Analysis Conference took place in Colmar in 1989, the 2017 edition saw its return to the culturally rich Alsace region, which has been one of the cradles of the development of humanism. Former meetings took place in Trento (1992), Montpellier (1995), Rotterdam (1999), Bristol (2002), Freiburg im Breisgau (2007), Rome (2011), and Leuven (2014).

Calendrier de l’examen des propositions - Timetable for consideration of proposals

  • 1er septembre 2016 : ouverture de la plate-forme EasyChair pour la soumission des contributions ;
  • 15 décembre 2016 : date limite de soumission des contributions ;
  • 31 janvier 2017 : notification de la décision du Comité scientifique aux auteurs ;
  • 1er mars 2017 : date limite d’envoi des résumés courts pour publication dans le livret du congrès ;
  • 30 avril : date limite d’envoi des résumés longs pour publication dans les actes du congrès.

Captations audiovisuelles

     The videos of the opening plenary conference and semi-plenary conferences were posted online on the GREAM website and on

Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg
Opéra National du Rhin
Conservatoire de Strasbourg