Forum des carrières 29 juin 2017, 18h00-19h30, hall du Patio et amphithéâtre Cavaillès

Le 29 juin 2017
de 18h00 à 19h30

Le Patio (université de Strasbourg)
22 rue René Descartes, 67000 Strasbourg
hall du Patio et amphithéâtre Cavaillès

Rencontres et ateliers

Modérateur : Dr Nathalie Hérold
(membre du Comité d'organisation d'EuroMAC 9, secretaire de la SFAM, membre du GREAM)

     The ‘Careers Forum’ is intended for all EuroMAC 9 participants interested in professional and career development in the field of music analysis and theory. In the context of an academic research that operates today increasingly across international borders, the main aim of the forum is to provide support to young researchers (doctoral researchers, post-doctoral researchers, early-career professionals) in music analysis and theory to improve their career prospects, including those who are just starting with an academic (or even non-academic) professional activity. The Forum would like to offer a platform for dialogue between young and experienced researchers, covering topics such as the international job market and the different types of recruitment processes, as well as the organisation of the different national systems in the field of higher education and research – including conservatoires, music academies, music colleges, etc.

Entry hall of ‘Le Patio’ building – Stands of the European (and non-European) societies for music analysis and theory (18:00–19:30)

     The stands of the different European (and non-European) societies for music analysis and theory are intended for informal discussion and free dialogue between the forum’s participants and representatives of the societies. Senior society members will be present at each stand to answer questions, but also to offer – if desired – feedback on the CVs and cover letters brought along by the forum’s participants.

  • GATM stand: Dr Alessandro Bratus, Prof. Catello Galotti, Prof. Antonio Grande
  • GMTH stand: Prof. Gesine Schröder
  • OTM stand: Dr Ildar Khannanov, Tatiana Tsaregradskaya
  • PTAM stand: Prof Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek, Prof Iwona Lindstedt, Prof. Renata Skupin
  • SBAM stand: Prof. Nicolas Meeùs
  • SFAM stand: Dr Jean-Michel Bardez, Prof. Jean-Marc Chouvel
  • SMA stand: Prof. Julian Horton, Dr Kenneth Smith
  • VvM stand: Dr Michiel Schuijer
  • CAMT stand: Dr Sanja Kiš Žuvela, Dr Ingrid Pustijanac
  • SMT stand: Prof. Maureen Carr, Dr Catherine Losada

Amphithéatre Cavaillès – Practical workshops

     Simultaneously, three senior researchers will conduct methodological sessions in the form of practical workshops devoted to professional and career issues in a European and international context. Each workshop will be given twice in order to work in smaller groups and to allow participants more flexibility to visit the stands of the European (and non-European) analysis societies.

Workshop 1 (18:00–18:15 and 18:15–18:30)

  • Topic: Writing an abstract to answer a call for papers
  • Speaker: Prof Sigrun Heinzelmann (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, vice- president of GMTH)

Workshop 2 (18:30–18:45 and 18:45–19:00)

  • Topic: Drafting a CV and cover letter to apply for a job offer
  • Speaker: Prof Massimo Privitera (University of Palermo)

Workshop 3 (19:00–19:15 and 19:15–19:30)

  • Topic: Exploring funding opportunities for research projects
  • Speaker: Dr Philip Stoecker (Hofstra University, secretary of SMT)
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