9.H.1. Asking the Right Questions: A Draft Method for Analysing Musical Transformations Jonathan Stark - 30 juin 2017, 11h00-11h30, salle 3202


Le 30 juin 2017
de 11h00 à 11h30

Le Patio (université de Strasbourg)
22 rue René Descartes, 67000 Strasbourg
salle 3202

Séance - Analysing and Interpreting Music with Text

Pré-acte / Acte

Auteur : Jonathan Stark

     What happens if a composer creates an orchestra song on the basis of a piano song? Music history is not short on notable examples: Berlioz, Mahler, Wolf, Schönberg, Dallapiccola, Rihm and many more have composed songs that exist in a piano version as well as in an orchestra or ensemble version. As to this day, there is no standardised analytical tool existent that makes it possible to understand this work process, this paper designs a new method that allows the analyst to compare the piano version of a song with its orchestra version. The centrepiece of the method is a question catalogue that serves to build up a detailed material entry which shows the structural significances of the different layers of the score. This will uncover important characteristics of the score which will eventually lead to an overall analytical result. In order to show the method’s functionality, it will be applied to music of different styles – the working basis is a song repertoire that covers a time period between 100 and 150 years with a main emphasis on Gustav Mahler’s early orchestra songs.

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