6.D. Aspects of Music Theory & Analysis Practices in the Mediterranean Region: Italy, Cyprus, and Israel Modérateur : Vasilis Kallis

     The Mediterranean Region presents an area of intriguing peculiarities. On the one hand, it is characterised by its cultural diversity as it embraces three different continents. On the other, there is a sense of unity and continuity that manifests itself in various expressions of human creativity, music in particular. The post-structuralist approach has given due consideration to aspects of musical creativity mainly through the anthropological and historical perspective over the last three decades. The field of music theory and analysis, however, remains relatively unexplored.

     We aim at identifying practices and functions of music theory and analysis – broader and specific –in the Mediterranean region, focusing on three countries: Italy, Israel and Cyprus. More specifically, the proposed papers engage in:

  1. Addressing individualities within each of the three regions
  2. Identifying possible shared elements between them
  3. Exploring the interaction between music theory and analysis in each of the three aforementioned territories and the mainstream European tradition.

     Each paper addresses a specific theme, and its methodological approach is determined by the nature of the topic(s) it addresses. The harvested outcomes of each paper’s endeavour will then be brought into a panel discussion that will address individuality and commonality in the practice of music theory and analysis in the Mediterranean region.

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