10.F. Liszt after Liszt – Liszt après Liszt Modérateur : Rossana Dalmonte

     The aim of the session is to enrich the literature about the relationships between Liszt’s music and some works (especially piano works) of the composers of the following generation. The four papers of the session will examine some specific developments / transformations of certain of Liszt’s compositional devices, with regard to some works by Skjabin, Busoni and Debussy. The theme will be observed basically from two points of view: on the one hand the focus will be directed on the influence that Liszt wielded on younger composers; on the other, the starting point will be the different forms of appropriation of some aspects of Liszt’s style by the composers under investigation.

     Since such influence and appropriation can occur in different manners, the musical style of previous eras can similarly be criticized and modified in various ways. The analytical studies produced in recent years have illustrated, through very specialized methods, many aspects of musical language especially with regard to its structures and taking in consideration the output of a particular composer. Much less attention has been given to the modifications of the style itself in the passage from one generation to the next.

     The special aim of the session is to investigate what of Liszt’s style has remained in compositions produced some decades after his death; we attempt to illustrate the boundaries of his influence on the music and on the idea of music written by composers of the following generation and the depth of their appropriation of some traits of his way of writing and thinking music.

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