8.1. An Approach to Analysis in the Context of Theory of Musical Content: Holistic Analysis-Interpretation Elena Zhurova - 30 juin 2017, 9h05-9h10, amphithéâtre Cavaillès


Le 30 juin 2017
de 9h05 à 9h10

Le Patio (université de Strasbourg)
22 rue René Descartes, 67000 Strasbourg
amphithéâtre Cavaillès


Pré-acte / Acte

Auteur : Elena Zhurova

     The paper addresses the issue of lacking of comprehensive scope in analysis of a musical work, which is the result of the flaws of traditional structural-grammatical approach. The repertoire under consideration is not limited to any style or period. Moreover, this method, an interdisciplinary project par excellence, presupposes the connections between music, literature, visual arts and historic narrative.

     The suggested solution presupposes the integration of structural-grammatical with the new so-called “content-meaning analysis” [Russ. soderzhatel’no-smyslovoi analiz]. This method belong to a new paradigm of Russian musicology—the theory of musical content (described in a chapter “A Watershed in Analytical Tradition: Valentina Kholopova’s Theory of Musical Content” in L’Analyse musicale aujourd’hui.).

     This paper presents the features of a new course “Musical Content” and clarifies its interaction with other courses and disciplines of music theory and performance. The author provides the algorithm of its realization in various institutions and the evaluation of its pedagogic effectiveness.

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