Workshop « ACTOR Y5 » 3, 4 et 5 juillet 2023


 Du 3 au 5 juillet 2023
de 9h00 à 17h00

Misha (Université de Strasbourg)
5 allée du Général Rouvillois, 67000 Strasbourg
salle de Conférence

Tram C/E/F arrêt Observatoire

Entrée libre


     Workshop organisé par Mathieu SCHNEIDER, avec le soutien du CREAA et du projet ACTOR (University McGill, Canada) dans le cadre du groupe de travail « Timbre et orchestration (ACTOR) ». Le colloque est accompagné d'un concert donné par le groupe FraCKtal mardi 4 juillet 2023.

     The Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration (ACTOR) partnership involves musicians, humanists, scientists and engineers to deepen the understanding of the many roles that timbre and orchestration play in music in interaction with all the other musical parameters. Every year, this group of orchestrational aficionados gets together to have updates on the three main axes of the project (i.e., (1) Analysis, (2) Tool development, and (3) Output innovation) which translates into research projects, technological development, artistic productions, and pedagogical initiatives. Aside from building the ACTOR community, facilitating networking, and fostering collaboration, the annual workshop also includes presentations given by student members during the plenary session and reports of activities presented by the Project Director, the Training and Mentoring Committee (TMC), and the Knowledge Mobilization Committee (KMC). The ACTOR Y5 Annual Workshop will be held in a hybrid format (online/in person).

     For more information about the ACTOR Y5 Annual Workshop please visit the ACTOR website page dedicated to the event.

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Opéra National du Rhin
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